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Epigenetic Dentistry

Answering Your Questions about Full Face Orthodontics

Most people are familiar with the idea of orthodontics like Invisalign. However, when we talk about full face orthodontics, or use its technical name epigenetic orthodontics, we find that people are less sure what we’re talking about and have many questions.  At Divine Smiles, {{{{link id='51301' text='Woburn and [...]

Is Full Face Orthodontics Right for You?

Full face orthodontics is a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment. Instead of just straightening your teeth, this orthodontic approach seeks to utilize your body’s natural epigenetic developmental potential to reshape your upper and lower jaws. This can reshape your face as well as encourage the development of a more open airway.  However, [...]

Advantages of Full Face Orthodontics

Full face orthodontics, also known as epigenetic orthodontics, is more than just a teeth-straightening treatment. Unlike traditional braces, full face orthodontics is used to actually grow the jaw into a better shape, which in turn improves breathing, posture, and appearance. There are a multitude of orthodontic treatments available for teens and adults, [...]

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