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Oftentimes, we have patients visit us who have severe dental problems because they were too afraid to seek help before small problems compiled into something more serious. Patients complain of previous dental experiences where they were stressed, fearful, or experienced pain during even the simplest of procedures. Because of this, many patients shy away from basic dental care and then find themselves in need of multiple dental procedures to remedy their issues.

At Divine Smiles, our Woburn and Winchester area dentist we pride ourselves in always offering the best-possible care for our patients, which includes finding ways to help you relax during any procedure so you will always seek your necessary dental care. With this in mind, we are excited to offer NuCalm®, a revolutionary new system that helps you to receive dental care free from stress, anxiety, and fear.

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“I came into Dr. Clancy’s office with a lot of dental anxiety and I no longer have that. And I tell people I could never move because I don’t want to leave my dentist.” – Alex

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What Is the NuCalm System?

In order to ensure that your dental procedures, no matter how simple or involved, are as calming and comfortable as possible, the NuCalm system helps you to achieve a state of deep relaxation. NuCalm uses four relaxation therapies to help your body feel as though you’re preparing to fall asleep. These four therapies are the following:

  1. All-natural dietary supplement – this blend of proprietary amino acids helps bring you an internal calm and does NOT affect or interfere with any dietary supplements or medications
  2. Micro-current stimulation – this stimulation helps to lead your body into a relaxed state
  3. Music – the entire procedure is performed while you listen to calming music that was created using proprietary neuroacoustic software
  4. Mask or light-cancelling glasses – by blocking visual stimuli, the NuCalm ® system helps draw you even further into a relaxed state

Once you’ve achieved a relaxed and calm state, our dentist will expertly perform all necessary dental treatments, utilizing numbing agents of course, in order to make your experience simple, stress- and pain-free.

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At Divine Smiles, we offer a full spectrum of dental care options. We also can treat all patients from their first tooth on into their elder years. We even offer an in-house oral surgeon so you can trust that you’ll never have to be outsourced for treatments.

We are excited to offer this new calming technique to help all of our patients receive the care they truly need when they need it, without waiting too long and causing the condition to worsen. To discuss NuCalm and how it can help you, please contact us today by filling out the form on this page or calling (781) 396-8558. We are proud to serve patients in Woburn and Winchester, Massachusetts areas.

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