What makes our Woburn and Winchester dentistry practice exceptional? See what our patients are saying about Divine Smiles.

“I had two front teeth crowns done by Dr. Clancy.  I am so pleased with the way they look and fit.  Dr. Clancy is meticulous in his work. He also explains each step in the procedure and always is attentive to the patient’s comfort level.” —Rosemarie

“The new practice location is spacious & allows for complete patient privacy during visits. The atmosphere is relaxing, very much like a spa! As always, Dr. Clancy & his staff are friendly, professional, thorough, patient, & delightful. I have, & will continue to, recommend this dental practice to friends & family. It is, after all, divine!” —Judy Harper | 10/09/2020

“Before seeing Dr. Clancy for TMJ treatment, I had experienced painful clicking and locking of my jaw in addition to tinnitus several times a week for at least two years. As it became worse, I could barely open my mouth and had difficulty eating as a result. I had seen a different dentist prior to Dr. Clancy but he was not up to date with the most recent technology so I decided not to go through with treatment at that time. However after moving to Woburn and Winchester, I met a coworker who was experiencing similar TMJ symptoms and started treatment with Dr. Clancy. She raved about his innovative treatment plan and highly recommended I see him as well. When I first saw Dr. Clancy, he and his team were so welcoming and friendly. Before starting treatment, Dr. Clancy thoroughly collected specific measurements and presented several treatment options based on the data he collected. After seeing all of the different treatment options it became clear to me that epigenetic orthodontics with the use of an appliance was the best treatment option for me—it was the least invasive and projected to have the best outcome. Shortly after starting treatment, my jaw pain decreased significantly. Since my treatment began, my jaw no longer clicks or locks whatsoever and I only experience tinnitus roughly one time per month, if that. Even though I started treatment to alleviate my TMJ symptoms, I am also seeing incredible cosmetic changes as well—my jaw line and cheek bones have become more defined and of course, my teeth are straitening. Despite still being in the middle of my treatment, my TMJ symptoms have decreased immensely and am excited to see the final outcome.” —Catherine Higgins