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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn
Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Welcome to Divine Smiles

General, TMJ, Orthodontic & Cosmetic Dentistry Woburn, MA

The foundation for a beautiful and healthy smile is oral hygiene. With an emphasis on preventive dental care, Dr. Clancy and the team at Divine Smiles can help you maintain a healthy smile for life. You will experience our compassionate care throughout every moment of your visit. From the second you walk through our front door and our friendly team greets you, to your treatment, where we utilize advanced dental technology while you sit back and relax while watching TV. Every aspect of our practice is designed to give you a better dental experience. Our cosmetic dentist welcomes you to our practice and looks forward to enhancing your oral health and aesthetics for years to come. Call (781) 396-8558 to schedule an appointment today!

Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Dr. Ryan Clancy takes pride in helping patients improve their smiles and live free from pain. He pairs expertise and compassion with comprehensive services focused on dental health, function, and appearance.

Dr. Clancy is highly credentialed in various areas of dentistry, constantly continuing his education in cosmetic, general, orthodontic, and restorative dentistry to offer his patients the most advanced treatment options and techniques available today. With an unwavering dedication to his patients’ experiences and outcomes, he embraces every opportunity to further master his craft and educate his patients on how they can support the aesthetic quality, health, and longevity of their smiles. He is a fellow and master of several prestigious institutions and has been awarded and recognized by a long list of professional organizations.

Dr. Clancy graduated dental school at Tufts University and previously served on a forward surgical team in Iraq with the U.S. Army. He applies world-class training and advanced education at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI) and other institutions to provide quality care to each of our patients. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Clancy today by calling (781) 396-8558.

Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Patient Care Is Our Priority


At Divine Smiles, our sole mission is to make you smile. When you come to our Woburn dental practice, you can expect impeccably beautiful and functional results, as well as an experience designed with every aspect of your needs in mind.

We offer a streamlined treatment experience, the latest technologies in dentistry, pinnacle professionalism, individualized care, and optimal comfort. From prevention and diagnosis to recovery and maintenance, we will provide you with the tools and support to keep you smiling.

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Same-Day Care

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With 3D modeling and CEREC technology, Dr. Clancy can customize dental crowns while you wait.

Surgical Services

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Divine Smiles performs oral surgery such as bone grafts, and places dental implants to help keep your smile healthy.

Team Approach

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Our Woburn and Winchester cosmetic dentist keeps high standards of results, patient service, and cleanliness.

NuCalm Services

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Feeling anxious about your appointment? The all-natural NuCalm system reduces stress during your visit.

Patient Comfort

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During your appointment, you are our team’s sole focus. We listen to each patient and customize care.

Same-Office Care

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With advanced training and technology, our dentist offers a variety of treatment options.


State-Of-The-Art Care

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We offer advanced technologies for optimally precise diagnoses and treatments. Learn more about the benefits of T-Scan and Cone Beam 3-D imaging and MLS laser therapy.

Relaxation Room

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We want your visit to be as relaxing as possible. Our Relaxation Room offers complementary massage chairs to soothe away the aches and pains of the day. We also offer NuCalm, our drug-free relaxation method that reduces stress, increases energy, improves mood, and helps you feel great while you wait for your appointment.

Comprehensive Care

Featured Dental Treatments Woburn, Massachusetts

Our Woburn, Massachusetts, dental practice offers an extensive menu of treatment options designed to enhance your smile’s appearance and function. Through advanced general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry practices, every procedure we perform is carried out with unwavering care and optimal comfort.

From preventative care to full mouth rehabilitation, we are dedicated to providing you with comprehensive care and conservative solutions. Learn more about how the treatments we offer can help you achieve and maintain your healthiest and most beautifully authentic smile, and begin your personalized treatment experience by scheduling your private consultation with Dr. Clancy.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation TMJ Porcelain Veneers Dental Implants Orthodontics Same-Day Restoration

Full Mouth

Woburn, MA

Full mouth rehabilitation offers transformational benefits, including improved oral function, enhanced aesthetics, and better overall oral health. It gives patients the power to effectively address various dental issues such as missing teeth, misalignment, decay, and gum disease for restored bite functionality and a more pleasing smile. In addition, full-mouth rehabilitation can alleviate pain and discomfort associated with dental problems, boosting confidence and quality of life by promoting proper chewing, speech, and self-esteem.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

TMJ Treatment

Woburn, MA

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) treatment offers numerous advantages for those suffering from TMJ pain. Customized treatment plans address the specific causes and severity of TMJ issues, promoting faster recovery and improved quality of life. Patients experience reduced discomfort, enhanced jaw function, and decreased headaches. Furthermore, our personalized approach minimizes the risk of side effects and complications, making Divine Smiles a superior choice for TMJ sufferers seeking long-term relief.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Porcelain Veneers

Woburn, MA

Porcelain veneers offer multiple benefits, transforming smiles with remarkable results. These ultra-thin, custom-made shells are bonded to the front of teeth, enhancing appearance and function. Their natural appearance seamlessly covers stains, discoloration, and imperfections. Veneers are durable and stain-resistant, ensuring long-lasting beauty. Minimal tooth reduction is required during the procedure, preserving tooth structure. Providing instant cosmetic improvements, porcelain veneers are a popular choice for a radiant, flawless smile.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Dental Implants

Woburn, MA

Dental implants offer remarkable effects, both for single tooth replacement and multiple missing teeth scenarios. They provide unmatched stability and function, mimicking natural teeth for comfortable chewing and speech. Implants also maintain jawbone health by stimulating growth and preventing bone loss. Aesthetically pleasing, they enhance your smile's appearance. Furthermore, they eliminate the inconveniences of removable dentures, improving overall quality of life with long-lasting durability and easy maintenance.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Epigenetic/Airway-Centric Orthodontics

Woburn, MA

Epigenetic (or airway-centric) orthodontics offers a holistic approach to oral health, focusing on more than just straight teeth. By addressing underlying airway issues, it improves breathing and sleep quality, reducing the risk of conditions like sleep apnea. This approach can enhance facial aesthetics and overall well-being, promoting proper craniofacial development. Patients often experience improved posture, reduced jaw pain, and a boost in self-confidence. It's a transformative orthodontic approach that prioritizes long-term health benefits.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

CEREC Same-Day Tooth Restorations

Woburn, MA

CEREC Same-Day Tooth Restorations revolutionize dental care with speed and convenience. This cutting-edge technology eliminates the need for multiple appointments, offering patients a one-visit solution for dental crowns, veneers, and more. With precise digital scanning and 3D modeling, CEREC ensures a custom fit, reducing discomfort and enhancing aesthetics. Moreover, it minimizes the risk of infection and preserves natural tooth structure. Patients leave with a restored smile, saving time and enjoying immediate oral health improvements.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

Creating Smiles That Change Lives

Stunning Smile Makeovers

Not many people are born with a perfect smile, there’s usually some sort of cosmetic procedure involved. If there are a number of issues with your smile’s appearance you would like to address, a smile makeover might be your ideal treatment option.

Who’s a candidate for a smile makeover?

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Most patients are good candidates for smile makeovers. We only require you to have good oral health and want to improve the appearance of your smile.

How long does a smile makeover take to complete?

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Every patient varies. In some cases, your smile makeover might be completed after just one visit, while another patient may require five visits. The time length depends on what procedures you’re getting.

A smile makeover combines multiple cosmetic dentistry procedures together to help you achieve your smile goals. Woburn and Winchester-area cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ryan Clancy uses his advanced skills to design the perfect smile makeover for your smile. Once we address the changes you want your smile makeover to reflect, we will choose the necessary treatments to make your goals a reality. Some patients may require several cosmetic treatments while other patients may only require two. Each patient is different. Our most common procedures involved in a smile makeover include porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental crowns, dental implants, gum recontouring, and dental bonding. Talk to Dr. Clancy to find out what type of treatments your smile requires. We’ll help you find the right procedure for your smile.

Personalized Treatment

TMJ Relief For Life

If you experience severe jaw pain or frequent headaches, you might have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Oftentimes the condition is misdiagnosed, which results in prolonged pain. With a proper diagnosis from neuromuscular dentist Dr. Ryan Clancy, you can receive an effective treatment plan to help resolve your TMJ symptoms for good. Dr. Clancy utilizes the most advanced diagnostic technologies available to deliver optimally precise treatment and long-lasting relief. Myotronics (jaw-tracing and EMG diagnosing), 3D scan, and Teeth Scan technology offer a comprehensive look at the condition of your jaw so that you can receive the best possible treatment for your unique case.

During your diagnosis, Dr. Clancy will identify the best resting position for your jaw using the TENS device. Then, using K7 technology, he will map out how your jaw moves when it’s relaxed. With this information, he can choose the best treatment approach to help your jaw rest and move comfortably. Your TMJ treatment may include using a nightguard, orthodontic device, restorative dental work, or orthodontics. Dr. Clancy will individually design your treatment plan based on your personal needs.

Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

What causes TMJ disorders?

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If the temporomandibular joint in your jaw becomes damaged or injured in any way, this can cause TMJ. Generally, TMJ occurs with misalignment, clenching or grinding teeth, stress, arthritis, poor posture, or even tooth injury.

What are the signs and symptoms of TMJ?

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Frequent headaches, facial, jaw or mouth pain, shoulder pain, dizziness, popping or ringing sounds in the ears, muscle spasms in the jaw, difficulty chewing, lockjaw, stiff, and tight or sore neck or jaw muscles.

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Cosmetic Dentist Woburn

“Beyond 5 Stars”

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“Great experience and great staff!! I have dental anxiety, and they alleviated all my fears. Leslie was amazing and walked me through all the procedures. Leslie and Dr. Clancy were extremely thorough and took a holistic approach, explaining not only the importance of dental care but how oral care affects your overall health. Taylor, the receptionist, was just as wonderful and took care of all my insurance needs.”

— Brenda C., Woburn, MA, dental patient

“I definitely had a lot of sensitivity. My gums were starting to recede a little bit. I was grinding my teeth a lot. And I think that’s really what Dr. Clancy kinda brought to light for me, and he was able to diagnose things that I would not have even thought were issues. I mean, I’m sleeping better. I stopped grinding my teeth. I don’t have, you know, the receding gums anymore. All of that has gone away. I feel so much better...”

– Anisa, Woburn, MA, TMJ treatment and dental patient.

“The care and results I received from Dr.Clancy and his staff are First Class. I’ve had issues with my teeth for a long time and now they are on the path to being great! I received 2 implants and 6 crowns and never in my life have I smiled with more confidence and joy. They made the process easy and practically painless. I definitely made the right decision coming to Divine Smiles.”

– Brian C., Woburn, MA, dental implant patient.

“I will never go to another dentist as long as Doctor Clancy is in business. Their attention to detail and kindness is superior to no other dental office I've ever been to, and I'm 60 years old, so I've been to a few. Highly recommend Doctor Clancy and the staff at Divine Smiles. In my opinion, they're the best.”

– Richard H., Woburn, MA, dental patient.

“Outstanding, painless care! All of the staff at Divine Smiles are so warm and friendly and put you at ease as soon as you enter the office (and we all know that going to the dentist isn't really something we enjoy doing, but it is so important for our health & healthy smile). Dr Clancy is just a wizard with his knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment. He is able to take care of most problems within one visit, instead of several...”

– Judith H., Woburn, MA, dental patient.

“Almost finished with my Invisalign treatment and the process has been incredibly smooth. Dr. Clancy and his assistants have made this experience so easy. My teeth look great and feel even better! Danielle gives the best cleanings- couldn’t ask for a better dental office!”

– Taylor G., Woburn, MA, Invisalign patient.

“Dr. Clancy and his team, Leslie and Taylor, are beyond 5 stars. The intake with the team takes into consideration every aspect of your dental and overall health. I am impressed with their use of technology and how the team translates everything to a patient without prior knowledge in the field. Divine Smiles takes care of you every step of the way. I could not be happier with their service and knowledge.”

– Annette M., Woburn, MA, dental patient.

“I have been going to Dr. Clancy and his team for several years now and can say that I have NEVER had a bad experience. I have had everything done, ranging from cleanings to implants, and never once was I anxious about having the work done because I knew Dr. Clancy and his team would do everything to make the experience as seamless and quick as possible. Thank you to everyone at Divine Smiles for being caring professionals!”

– Mark R., Woburn, MA, dental implant patient.

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