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Sleep Apnea Treatment Woburn, Winchester & Middlesex County, MA

A New Dawn for Sleep Apnea

Vivos System for Sleep Apnea at Divine Smiles

If you're dealing with the challenges of obstructive sleep apnea, you've likely experienced a range of symptoms impacting your overall well-being and daily life. Traditionally, the standard solution involves using a CPAP machine, which delivers a continuous stream of air to maintain uninterrupted breathing.

While effective, it can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Fortunately, an alternative solution offers the promise of lasting relief. At Divine Smiles with Dr. Ryan Clancy in Woburn Sleep Apnea Treatment using the Vivos device represents a revolutionary approach that significantly improves symptoms of the condition. Let's delve into how this innovative solution works.

A Roadmap to a Healthier, More Restful Sleep

What is the Vivos System?

The Vivos system, offered at Divine Smiles, provides a non-surgical approach to address maxillary hypoplasia and mandibular retrognathia. This innovative method utilizes a Daytime-Nighttime Appliance (DNA) system, gently applying pressure to the palate to gradually correct maxillary hypoplasia. Additionally, it may involve the Mandibular Repositioning-Nighttime Appliance (mRNA) to guide the lower jaw into its proper position. Through the combined efforts of DNA and mRNA, the Vivos system effectively remodels and repositions the jawbone, eliminating obstructions in the upper airway. Once we complete the Sleep Apnea Treatment Woburn and Winchester patients can enjoy restful nights without the need for a CPAP machine, ensuring improved sleep quality and overall well-being. Experience the transformative benefits of Vivos at Divine Smiles.

Innovative Technology

How does Vivos work?

Vivos is an advanced custom biometric device designed for nightly use during sleep, typically over the course of 12 to 24 months. Remarkably, many patients report noticeable improvements in their symptoms and sleep quality within the first few days of using it. Dr. Clancy will meticulously tailor the device and make periodic adjustments throughout the sleep apnea treatment to ensure optimal results.

A particularly noteworthy outcome is that, upon completing the prescribed plan for Sleep Apnea Treatment, many patients find that additional interventions are no longer necessary. This innovative therapeutic system employs a custom-fit oral appliance precisely designed to address mild-to-moderate cases of obstructive sleep apnea. Furthermore, it effectively alleviates chronic snoring and other sleep-related breathing disorders commonly seen in adults.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Woburn

Breathe Easier with the Vivos System

What are the benefits of the Vivos System?

The Vivos system offers several notable benefits. First and foremost, its appliances are designed to provide comfort and are nearly invisible when worn, ensuring a discreet treatment experience. Furthermore, the Vivos system is non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical, making it an exceptionally low-risk option for patients. Remarkably, some individuals may begin to notice positive changes in just a matter of days or weeks after starting the sleep apnea treatment.

Importantly, Vivos addresses one of the primary causes of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) on a permanent basis, potentially eliminating the need for any OSA-related treatments post-completion of the protocol. If you're eager to explore the Vivos system further and discover how it can improve your quality of life, Dr. Clancy can answer your inquiries and facilitate the necessary testing to determine its suitability. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team today to arrange your consultation.

Explore Lasting Relief

Your Vivos System Consultation

Take the first step towards achieving lasting relief from sleep apnea by scheduling your Vivos System consultation at Divine Smiles with Dr. Ryan Clancy in Woburn, MA. We are conveniently located to serve Winchester and Middlesex County, MA. During this vital appointment, our dedicated team will guide you through the transformative potential of this innovative treatment. Dr. Clancy will conduct a thorough evaluation, discuss your specific needs, and address any questions or concerns you may have. You'll better understand how the Vivos System can help you enjoy restful nights and improve overall well-being. Don't let sleep apnea hold you back – contact us today to arrange your consultation for a successful sleep apnea treatment in Woburn and embark on your journey towards a more peaceful and revitalized life.

The Vivos Solution

Your Vivos Procedure

Once you've undergone a comprehensive diagnosis at a sleep center to pinpoint your specific needs, the next step is to schedule your consultation to explore how Vivos can provide the relief you seek. During your visit for Sleep Apnea Treatment, Dr. Clancy will conduct a thorough examination that may encompass the following:

  • Health questionnaire and screening
  • Head and neck examination
  • CBCT scan
  • Intraoral photos and measurements

The outcomes of this comprehensive evaluation will serve as the foundation for Dr. Clancy to design a personalized treatment plan to restore your restful sleep. This plan will be outlined in an Airway Intelligence Report, including:

  • A comprehensive assessment and evaluation
  • Airway measurements
  • Treatment objectives
  • Personalized treatment strategy

Transforming Sleep & Quality of Life

Vivos Results

Discover the remarkable results that the Vivos System can achieve at Divine Smiles with Dr. Ryan Clancy in Woburn, MA. Our innovative approach to Sleep Apnea Treatment can significantly improve your overall sleep quality and well-being. Experience the satisfaction of restful nights and a renewed sense of vitality. The transformative benefits of the Vivos System extend beyond sleep, influencing various aspects of your life for the better.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Woburn

Sleep Apnea No More

Vivos Recovery and Aftercare

At Divine Smiles, we're dedicated to ensuring that your journey with the Vivos System is effective and comfortable. Our commitment doesn't end with treatment completion; we offer comprehensive aftercare support to help you maintain your newfound relief. This may involve ongoing evaluations, adjustments, and guidance to ensure you enjoy the benefits of uninterrupted sleep and enhanced well-being. Your lasting satisfaction and overall health are our top priorities. Rest easy, knowing that our team is here to support you on your path to sustained relief from sleep apnea.

Vivos System Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Vivos system has undergone rigorous requirements to meet FDA approval and is considered a safe and non-invasive sleep apnea treatment option. It is designed to relieve sleep apnea symptoms without surgery or pharmaceuticals. Dr. Ryan Clancy and our team at Divine Smiles in Woburn, MA, will carefully evaluate your suitability for the Vivos system to ensure its safety and effectiveness for your specific needs.

The Vivos system has demonstrated significant effectiveness in improving sleep apnea symptoms for many patients. It addresses the root causes of sleep apnea, such as airway obstruction, and promotes long-term relief. While individual results may vary, many individuals experience noticeable improvements in sleep quality and overall well-being with this innovative treatment.

The Vivos device is designed with patient comfort in mind. It is not typically associated with pain or discomfort during use. Patients may experience an adjustment period as they become accustomed to wearing the device, but any discomfort is generally mild and temporary. Dr. Ryan Clancy and our team will work closely with you to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment process.

The timing of results with the Vivos system can vary from patient to patient. Some individuals may begin to notice improvements in sleep quality and symptom relief within the first few days to weeks of using the device. However, it's important to understand that the sleep apnea treatment duration can range from 12 to 24 months, and results may continue to develop throughout this period. Dr. Clancy and our team will monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

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