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Woburn Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Ryan Clancy

Dr. Ryan Clancy

Ryan M. Clancy, DMD, MAGD, FPFA, LVIF has dedicated his career to helping patients achieve the best oral health and most attractive smiles possible. He returned to his hometown, after serving in the Army for eight years. His family has deep roots in the Boston and he knew he wanted to bring… Read Full Bio

Leslie Sullivan, RDH, Office Manager with the dental team of Dr. Ryan Clancy

Leslie Sullivan, RDH, Office Manager

After working many years in Human Resources and Banking, Leslie switched gears completely and returned to college to pursue a career in Health Care. Leslie received her Associate Degree in Dental Hygiene from Middlesex Community College in 2007. She has been with Divine Smiles since 2007. Originally from Cambridge, MA she now resides in Gloucester. Leslie pursued a career in Dental Hygiene because she understands why complete oral care is beneficial to patient’s overall health. She enjoys working at Divine Smiles because she can work with a dental team committed to advancing their skills and knowledge.

What are some things you like to do outside of the office? I love going to the beach, traveling, playing tennis and attending Boston sporting events, especially the Patriots.

Who most influenced your career? My Mother & Father’s work ethic was very influential to me growing up. They worked extremely hard to provide for our family no matter what challenges they may have faced, all the while making it look effortless.

Leslie Sullivan, RDH, Office Manager with the dental team of Dr. Ryan Clancy

Taylor, Patient Coordinator

I graduated with my Clinical and Administrative Medical Assisting degree from Southern Maine Community College. I knew that the health care field is what I felt most passionately about from a young age. I medical assisted for many years along with working full time in the hospitality industry.

What made you want to be a Patient Coordinator?

Its in the hospitality industry where I discovered how much I loved working with people and giving fantastic customer service. When I had the opportunity to work at Divine Smiles it was the best of both worlds. Dr. Clancy and the team truly cares for each patient all while giving exceptional customer service.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not working, I spend most of my time with my very big family in the state of Maine. I have three sisters and lots of nieces and nephews that I love being an aunt to. I live in Somerville now and enjoy living so close to the city. On weekends I love to try new restaurants and recently picked up kickboxing.

Danielle, RDH on the dental team of Dr. Ryan Clancy

Danielle Harrison, RDH

After finishing my associate degree in Human Services from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. I decided to switch professions and enrolled in the dental hygiene program at Mount Ida College in 2002. In 2004 I graduated from Mount Ida College with an associate degree in dental science. I continue taking continuing education courses yearly to remain knowledgeable and up to date with the most recent dental technology and studies. I am originally from Somerville Mass and reside in Winthrop with my husband Mike and three children Samantha, Emma and Michael. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family traveling, running and watching my kids play sports. I have been working for Divine Smiles since 2006. I have enjoyed building relationships with the patients and the dental team.

What gets you out of bed? Usually my kids.

Who most influenced my career? Growing up watching my mother’s determination and outstanding work ethic motivated me to continue to move forward with my goals.

What do you like to do with your downtime? I enjoy running Deer Island with my husband and my kids. The kids love riding their bikes around the ocean path.

Debbie, RDH on the dental team with Dr. Ryan Clancy

Debbie White, RDH

I have been with Divine Smiles since 1997. Debbie started with the dental team as an assistant and with much encouragement from the practice she furthered her education at Middlesex Community College in Dental Hygiene, graduating in 2003. Debbie is now in the office part time as she is a full-time mom to her daughters. She loves seeing her patients that she has formed a relationship with over her many years here.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I love to be active. Whether it is a group exercise class or taking a walk with the kids as long as I am moving.

What are your plans for the future? As my girls get older I would like to eventually add more hours in the practice. I do want to continue to be cautious of maintaining a health work/home balance, which Dr. Clancy is extremely supportive of.

Kathleen, proud dental team member of Dr. Clancy's office

Kathleen Peterson, DA

What made you get into Dental Assisting?
I went to Salem State to study Social work. After college, I traveled a bit and had a change of heart when I got back home to Massachusetts. Although I never thought Dental Assisting was in my future, now I cannot picture myself doing anything else.

What gets you out of bed every morning?
That’s easy my husband and my 4 and 2-year-old sons, work or the weekends. I am a morning person and I try my hardest to live each day to the fullest.

What has kept you working at Dr. Clancy office for so long?
I work with an amazing dental team of girls. We all work great together, always willing to help each other and more importantly we have fun! Dr. Clancy is an awesome to work for. He is a great teacher I learn from him every day. He is very fair to his patients and dental team. Dr. Clancy is also a family man which to me is very important especially having two young boys and a husband.

Michelle, proud dental team member of Dr. Ryan Clancy's office

Michelle Gallagher, CDA

Michelle received her associates degree in dental assisting from Middlesex Community College in 2011. Michelle also obtained her DANB (Dental Assisting National Board) in 2011. Originally from New Hampshire she now resides in Massachusetts. She has been with Divine Smiles since 2013. In her spare time, she loves to travel, hike, bike, and other outdoor activities. She is married with no children; only her beautiful Ocicats, which gives her the freedom to travel easily.

Why I became a dental assistant?

I really like working with people & my father suggested it to me after leaving his dentist. I’m good with fast paced, multitasking and detail-oriented tasks. My artistic talents help me with lab work, photography, & multiple other things needed to provide high quality for patients.

What do I enjoy about assisting?

I really like meeting & getting to know all the patients here and talking to them. I love the hands-on aspects to my job & seeing the beautiful results after a patient’s finished case. It feels good to be able to help people with a nonsurgical approach to their TMD pain. I also really love doing multiple types of surgeries.

Why I came to work for Dr. Clancy?

Working here I’ve learned so much about TMD & how we can help these people feel better. I’ve learned all about implants, grafts & multiple surgical procedures. I love learning & we do a lot of training here at Divine Smiles, which is a big reason I came to work here full time. I also really love all the girls I get to work with every day.