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Oral Surgery Woburn

As a part of our team’s efforts to provide you with the best dental care under one roof, we offer oral surgery in Woburn. By offering dental surgery as an option under the same roof as all of our general dentistry options, you can now receive top-notch care without having to be outsourced to another facility.

Dental surgery and the tests leading up to it can all be done by our experienced doctor and team, who performs procedures that can improve your overall dental health and your smile’s appearance.

If you’re in need of oral surgery Woburn dental experts at Divine Smiles will be happy to help you if you contact us to schedule an appointment or if you call us at (781) 396-8558.

Dental Surgery Procedures

Oral surgery requires vital steps in order for proper preparation. One of the biggest benefits of having in-house dental surgery is that our team can perform the necessary biopsies and tests before prescribing oral surgery.

Utilizing our experienced dental surgeon, our team can perform all of the following:

We can accurately diagnose gum disease, properly treat it, and can take incisional or excisional biopsies, depending on what needs diagnosing. An incisional biopsy allows Dr. Clancy to take a small sample of the tissue that needs examination and an excisional biopsy involves the entire removal of the affected tissue.

Bone grafts can be done after a tooth extraction or other procedure where the bone in the jaw may need to be denser in order for the procedure to work. A sinus lift allows our Woburn and Winchester dental team to add teeth to areas where the body may have absorbed the existing bone due to tooth loss.

Oral Surgery in Woburn

Our In-House Dental Surgeon

Performing safe and successful surgical dental procedures requires extensive technical training and hands-on experience. Our in-house dental surgeon meets both of those qualifications and many more.

Our Dental Surgeon specializes in:

  • Surgical dental implants – You can feel assured that your dental implants are in the best of hands. We perform oral surgery to insert your dental implants into the jaw. Dr. Clancy uses the information gained from your x-rays to determine the best position to place the dental implants.
  • Tooth extractions (including wisdom teeth) – Not every tooth extraction is simple. When a tooth becomes impacted, we have to cut through your gums and extract your tooth in pieces. Dr. Clancy’s skill as a dental surgeon helps to complete your extraction quickly and seamlessly.
  • Gum disease treatment with bone and flap surgery – When gum disease progresses, surgery becomes the only way to treat you including bone and flap surgery which repairs the damage done to the bone from gum disease.

Additional procedures Dr. Clancy commonly performs include:

  • Incisional or excisional biopsies for diagnoses – If we notice anything out of the ordinary going on inside your mouth like a sore or white or red spot that hasn’t gone away, we will order a biopsy to verify that it isn’t mouth cancer. An early diagnosis will ensure a more successful treatment.
  • Bone grafts and soft tissue grafts to ensure a more successful procedure – Whether you need extra bone in your jaw to hold dental implants or you lost some due to gum disease, a bone graft can help you restore the bone that was lost.
  • Sinus lifts for more precise tooth placement

We also make a concerted effort to assess your needs individually to ensure that your oral surgery procedure will effectively address your specific aesthetic concerns and dental issues.

Benefits of On-site Oral Surgery

While many dental practices have to send patients to other offices for oral surgeries, our in-house capabilities offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Oral surgeries right here at our own office, you won’t have to worry about going to another location to receive treatment.
  • Consistently exceptional care: By staying on-site with our Woburn and Winchester dentist, we can ensure that you receive the top-quality care you deserve.
  • Additional treatment options: As a skilled dental surgeon, we can provide a wide range of treatment options to make your visits more productive and your procedures more efficient.

With the help of Divine Smiles serving clients in Woburn and Winchester Oral Surgery offers numerous advantages for our patients. If you are in need of a surgical procedure, call (781) 396-8558 to schedule an appointment with our experienced Woburn and Winchester dentist.

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