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Are You An Ideal Candidate For Dental Implants? 4 Things To Consider

Dental implants can be a great solution for those who are missing one or more of their teeth. They’re also a good option if you have damaged teeth beyond repair. 

Dental implants act as a permanent replacement root for your missing tooth or teeth. In fact, they are the closest treatment to mimic a natural tooth. This is because implants “stand” on their own and offer great stability.

With that said, they may not be the treatment of choice for everyone.

Why Dental Implants?

There are several situations that require dental implants. A Woburn dentist might recommend the procedure in the following instances.

  • Tooth loss.
  • Tooth decay.
  • Severe damage on a tooth or multiple teeth that need repair.
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Cracked, chipped, misshapen, or discolored teeth.
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Benefits Of Dental Implants

As well, there are a significant number of advantages to choosing dental implants. Below are some of the benefits when considering this treatment.

Long-lasting Solution: When maintained properly, dental implants can last a lifetime. With an approximate success rate of 98%, there is little chance you’ll need to repair or replace them. Plus, as they are a permanent fixture in your mouth, you’ll never worry about them falling out during a meal. No diet restrictions are needed, as chewing is a non-issue.

They Look & Feel Like Natural Teeth: Simply put, dental implants look, feel, and function like natural teeth. Unless you tell friends and family they are implants, they likely won’t be able to tell the difference.

Bone Loss Prevention: When you lose a tooth, the jawbone in that area slowly starts to dissolve. Replacing that tooth with a dental implant helps stimulate new bone growth in the location. This helps to prevent bone loss, keeping your jaw in tip-top shape.

Helps Preserve Other Teeth: Bridges and partial dentures need your surrounding teeth for support. Therefore, this can place added stress on your natural teeth at times. This “stress” creates loosened or damaged teeth, and tooth decay. Meanwhile, as dental implants stand on their own, they help to preserve your other teeth. There is a low chance of future implications.

Ideal Candidates For Dental Implants

Now that you have a little more information about dental implants, you may wonder if you are an ideal candidate? Below are four factors to consider:

1. Sufficient Bone In The Jaw

Dental implants anchor into your jaw. Thus, adequate bone density is important. Sometimes, if there isn’t enough bone in this location, bone grafting can help. This is when your dentist gathers some bone from another region, adding it to the area you need for your implant.

2. Healthy Gums

When gums are healthy, they protect dental implants to secure them in place. Unhealthy gums risk the chance that your dental implant will not heal well or secure in the area.

3. Good Overall Health

Those who are considering dental implants should be in good health, overall. As the process has a surgical component, it requires anesthesia and recovery. Those with poor health can have lower-than-average success rates with this treatment. Another factor is a commitment to good oral health. A solid dental hygiene routine after the treatment is a key to success. This means brushing twice daily, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. Not to mention, regular visits to your dentist in the Woburn and Winchester area. This will keep your natural teeth and dental implants strong and thriving.

4. No Smoking!

Smoking isn’t good for your health. It’s also not recommended for dental implants. This is because smoking affects the healing and fusing process. If you are a smoker, you’ll have to quit for some time before and after the treatment.

Health Issues That Interfere With Dental Implants

There are some conditions that could interfere with your dental implant procedure. This doesn’t “disqualify” you from getting them. It just means that you need to alert your dentist before undergoing the treatment. Your Woburn dentist needs to ensure that health issues are adequately under control before moving forward.

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By Dr. Ryan Clancy | May 17th, 2021 | Dental Implants |

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