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Dental Myths Debunked: Dr. Clancy Live on eHealth Radio

In a recent interview on eHealth Radio, our very own Dr. Ryan Clancy, was featured along with host Eric Michaels, discussing some common dental myths and letting you know the truth about them.

Please listen to the full interview here.

It is very common to believe that your dentist is there just to check on the health and appearance of your teeth and gums, but our dentist discusses how this isn’t true at all. If you visit your dentist twice per year, they may see you even more frequently that your primary care physician and can help you diagnose and treat more conditions than just the beauty and functionality of your teeth.

In this interview, Dr. Clancy debunks the following dental myths:

  1. My dentist doesn’t need to know that I snore – this couldn’t be the furthest from the truth. In this radio interview, our dentist discusses how important it is for him to know if you have issues with snoring. Snoring may be indicative of a chronic condition known as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a very serious condition as it can cause you to actually stop breathing briefly while you sleep. The good news is that our dentist offers treatment options that can remedy your sleep apnea and help you to live a healthier and fuller life.
  2. All dentures are the same – at Divine Smiles, we offer dental implants or implant-supported dentures. You no longer have to live with dentures that you stick on with adhesive and hope for the best. By implanting teeth or supports into your jaw bone, we offer permanent solutions to missing teeth that will change your ability to chew, speak, and maintain your facial structure since you won’t lose any bone density in your jaw.
  3. My TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is not curable – by utilizing the best-available technology, our dentist can help restore your jaw to its original position to ensure that you can chew and speak without pain or discomfort.
  4. I don’t have teeth, so I don’t need a dental exam – if you have false teeth, you may not believe that you need to visit the dentist for any type of care. Not only can our dentist help you improve your smile through dentures or dental implants, but having an oral cancer screening is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your health. Thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer each year, but early detection is the best way to stay healthy. So, even if you don’t have teeth, please visit our dentist every year for a full exam.
  5. All dentists are the same – not all dentists have received the same training. Our dentist has furthered his education by studying the best technological advancements for TMJ/TMD, dental implants, oral surgery, and sleep apnea. Additionally, our dentist offers sedation dentistry options to make sure that you can be calm and relaxed during every appointment. Our dentist is a part of the Academy of General Dentistry which has a very stringent recertification process and other education tracks to make sure that Dr. Clancy is current on all of the latest dental technologies and treatment options.

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Dr. Clancy was thrilled to be a part of this interview with eHealth Radio and hopes that you have a better understanding of some common dental myths. To schedule an appointment with our team, please contact Divine Smiles today by calling (781) 396-8558. We are proud to serve patients in Woburn and Winchester.

By Ryan M. Clancy, DMD, MAGD, LVIF, FPFA, FIAPA | December 19th, 2016 | General Dentistry

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