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Is Full Face Orthodontics Right for You?

Unhappy With Your Appearance? Try Full Face Orthodontics  Woburn
Full face orthodontics is a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment. Instead of just straightening your teeth, this orthodontic approach seeks to utilize your body’s natural epigenetic developmental potential to reshape your upper and lower jaws. This can reshape your face as well as encourage the development of a more open airway. 

However, this approach isn’t right for everyone. Here’s how to decide if it’s the right approach for you.

Are You Unhappy with the Appearance of Your Lower Face?

Our bones determine the shape of our face. When the bones in the jaw are underdeveloped, the result can be a number of increasingly common cosmetic complaints. This might include:

  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Weak or receding chin
  • Narrow jaw

In addition, you might experience crooked and/or crowded teeth. 

If you have these concerns, full face orthodontics can help. Full face orthodontics uses your body’s epigenetic potential to expand the jaw. Your body has the genetic programming to fully develop your jaw, even though it didn’t get the proper stimulation when you were younger.

Do You Have Trouble Breathing?

Another reason why people seek full face orthodontics is to improve their breathing. Your airway develops in concert with your jaws. If you have narrow jaws, you will have narrow airways, and this can make them prone to restriction. 

You might experience difficulty breathing during the day, especially when you’re active. Or you might have been told that you snore. You may even have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Perhaps you find that you are especially susceptible to allergy season, which can virtually cut off your ability to breathe. 

Full face orthodontics can expand your jaw, and at the same time expand your airway, reducing or even eliminating breathing problems. 

Have You Been Told You Need Surgery or Extractions?

Many dentists and doctors will look at people with these problems and recommend surgery and/or tooth extractions to try to improve them. While these procedures can be effective, they are also expensive, risky, and can require a long, uncomfortable recovery period. 

Fortunately, for many people full face orthodontics can achieve the same results as surgery and/or tooth extraction in terms of improving your appearance, relieving crowding, and improving the comfort and function of your jaw. 

Can You Commit to the Procedure?

There are many benefits to full face orthodontics, but it does have some drawbacks, most notably that it can take a long time. Expect a year or more to achieve results. During that time, you will have to make sure you are wearing your appliance properly and are committed to taking proper care of your teeth throughout the orthodontic period. 

We can talk to you about what that means in detail, but it mostly refers to putting a removable appliance in most of the time, taking it out only to eat or clean your teeth. And it means taking extra care with cleanings.

Schedule a Full Face Orthodontic Consultation

If reading the above makes you think you might be a good candidate for full face orthodontics, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Please call (781) 396-8558 today for an appointment with a Woburn and Winchester epigenetic dentist at Divine Smiles.

By Ryan M. Clancy, DMD, MAGD, LVIF, FPFA, FIAPA | May 14th, 2020 | Epigenetic Dentistry

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