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Advantages of Full Face Orthodontics

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Full face orthodontics, also known as epigenetic orthodontics, is more than just a teeth-straightening treatment. Unlike traditional braces, full face orthodontics is used to actually grow the jaw into a better shape, which in turn improves breathing, posture, and appearance.

There are a multitude of orthodontic treatments available for teens and adults, but full face orthodontics is the only one to address the jaw as well as the teeth in a non-invasive and non-surgical manner.

Improve Your Teeth and Reshape Your Jaw Without Surgery

Many people have underdeveloped jaws that cannot fit all of their teeth comfortably. This leads to crowding and crooked teeth, and often traditional orthodontic treatment will call for extractions or, in extreme cases, jaw surgery. Epigenetic orthodontics uses a special appliance to gently guide jaw growth and development without the need for surgery or extractions.

Other advantages of full face orthodontics include:

  • The face takes on a fuller, more attractive appearance with a properly shaped and sized jaw
  • The teeth fit better in the mouth
  • Taking a physiologic approach lessens the risk of developing TMJ disorder
  • Sleep apnea may be improved through better airway development
  • Posture may be improved due to the connection between the jaw and cervical spine

TMJ disorder is a well-known side effect of straightening the teeth without regard to jaw alignment. TMJ occurs when the jaw becomes misaligned, and can cause headaches, neck aches, difficulty moving the jaw, earaches, and more.

Dr. Clancy is always very careful when recommending an orthodontic treatment plan to take the position and shape of the jaw into account in order to avoid TMJ. He does this whether a patient is undergoing full face orthodontics or Invisalign treatment.

Cost of Full Face Orthodontics

The cost of an epigenetic orthodontic treatment will vary from person to person, depending on the extent and complexity of your individual case. Dr. Clancy will be upfront about the estimated cost of your particular treatment during your consultation, and our patient coordinator will be happy to check with your insurance to see if any of your treatment plan may be covered.

We offer dental financing plans for our patients who need a little extra help fitting an extensive dental treatment into their budget. We know that not everyone is comfortable paying the entire cost at once, so we work with financing companies to help you find the best payment plan to fit your lifestyle and budget needs.

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By Ryan M. Clancy, DMD, MAGD, LVIF, FPFA, FIAPA | August 30th, 2018 | Epigenetic Dentistry, General Dentistry

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