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Dr. Clancy Featured in Life in the Flats Magazine

In December 2020’s issue of Life in the Flats magazine, Dr. Clancy and the Divine Smiles Team were featured. In this issue, we discuss our new facility and changing our name to Divine Smiles. Here is a recap of our feature.

Our Big Change in 2020

Although most businesses experience unfortunate changes in 2020, Divine Smiles was different. After 15 years of Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry, Dr. Clancy decided to change their name and change their location. The upgrade has allowed him and his team to provide patients with a dental spa experience. It’s been a lifelong goal of Dr. Clancy’s career as a dental healthcare professional.

Woburn dentist Dr. Ryan Clancy and family

Get to Know Dr. Clancy

Dr. Clancy knew he always wanted to be a dentist. He grew up with hard work and character as hallmarks of adolescence.  Dr. Clancy enjoyed working at his father’s gas station and continued to work there throughout this time attending Tufts Dental School. Dr. Clancy earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Saint Michael’s College in Vermont. Dr. Clancy later went on to serve eight years in the Army including time in Iraq as a member of a mobile surgical dental team providing care to American soldiers, coalition soldiers, and local Iraqi nationals. He provided front-line care as he was trained to do.  Time in the field turned out to be just as an important experience as time spent as a hospital staff member in Dr. Clancy’s career.

After coming home from the army, Dr. Clancy joined Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry as an associate in 2004 and eventually worked his way up to become a partner in 2010.  Completing one of his many life goals by owning a small business became a reality in 2013. He believes his dentistry license isn’t just a license to practice dentistry but a license to continue learning.

Dr. Clancy can credit his career to the amazing support of his family. He spent his childhood helping his dad work on cars which nurtured his affinity for fixing things and solving problems.

Dr. Clancy is no stranger to the area. His mother grew up in Medford and his grandmother resided within walking distance of his practice until her eventual passing. Dr. Clancy’s history extends to the WWII Monument on Winthrop Street at the local high school that features three of his relatives.

The article mentions that Dr. Clancy speaks most highly about his wife Jessica whom he met in college. Jessica was from North Shore while Dr. Clancy was from South Shore. The two met in college and they’ve been together for Dr. Clancy’s entire career, including army deployment.

Dr. Clancy hopes his children model his good work ethic and regularly encourages his children to never stop learning. 

Divine Smiles – a Lifelong Dream

After practicing dentistry in many different models Dr. Clancy realized that a high-volume dental practice resulted in inferior outcomes. Divine Smiles was created to enhance the connection between patients and health care providers. Throughout his career, Dr. Clancy has taken countless continuing education courses, completed Fellowships from the Academy of General Dentistry, The Las Vegas Institute of Global Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry, and Pierre Fauchard Academy, in addition to a Mastership with the Academy of General Dentistry. He’s gained extensive knowledge and skills which have helped him create the dental practice of his dreams.

Divine Smiles is committed to focusing on the quality of care versus the quantity of care. His practice now sees fewer patients but with a more comprehensive approach. Guests receive the customer service they deserve and a strong relationship with their dental team.

What Makes Divine Smiles Unique

Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry was already cutting edge on safety and health. They used high-standard equipment and protocols that were not required but Dr. Clancy felt were the right thing to do. With Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry and now Divine Smiles, Dr. Clancy stays ahead of the curve with the best and latest techniques like the connection to oral health and full-body health. It’s with this forward-thinking that’s allowed Divine Smiles to experience less disruption during the pandemic.

Divine Smiles features extensive safety precautions for the pandemic including HVAC with HEPA filtration, a brand-new sterilization center, new equipment, and larger square footage so guests and staff can more easily spread out. Operatories are private and allow each guest to enjoy their own entertainment system, adding to the many patient comforts.  Each staff member is equipped with a CAPR (Controlled Air Purifying Respirator.) Patients and staff can enjoy peace of mind knowing Divine Smiles is staying at the forefront of health and safety. The brand-new facility will also provide a better work-life balance for his team and help him attract and retain exceptional staff.

Divine Smiles is a physical manifestation of Dr. Clancy’s dream dental spa that puts the patient in the front and center and allows healthcare providers to build lasting relationships with their guests. Divine Smiles offers a dental office experience that’s both compassionate and caring as well as highly knowledgeable. This combination is often rare in the dental community, but Dr. Clancy hopes this will help build long-lasting relationships with their guests.

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