Corn on the cobJason Derulo is now doubly famous. After achieving many megahits as a singer, Derulo has become one of the most engaging personalities to follow on Tik Tok. You never know quite what to expect from his account. Sometimes it’s something homely and personal, like his favorite recipes. Other times, he shows off his outstanding dance moves. But what’s most exciting is his crazy pranks. 

Like the one where he decided to eat corn on the cob with a power drill and seemed to come away with badly chipped teeth. While we don’t know whether he really broke his teeth this way, he is right to warn you against trying this stunt at home.

A “Life Hack” Gone Wrong

Derulo introduced this video as a “life hack” he’d always wanted to try. The truth is that the “corn drill challenge” has been going viral on Tik Tok for a while, so it’s more of a stunt than something anyone would actually want to try in order to improve their lives. Outside of old cartoons, it’s unlikely that anyone really eats their corn when it’s rotating quickly on a power drill or other machine. 

But Derulo dutifully sets the drill going and starts eating the corn for a few seconds, when he suddenly cries out in pain, then stops and shows his broken teeth. Additional groans added for effect as he displays his two central incisors, now broken off at irregular lengths. When he posted the video on Tik Tok and Instagram, he added the note: “Don’t try this,” followed by two weeping emojis. 

But did he really break his teeth doing this?

Derulo Probably Didn’t Break His Teeth

However, despite the graphic display, it’s likely that Derulo didn’t break his teeth with this stunt. First of all, as we said before, he’s been known to pull a few stunts on his Tik Tok account, including at least one previous one where he supposedly knocked a tooth out doing a handstand. That one turned out to be false, so this one probably is, too. 

Derulo was also seen later with a perfect set of beautiful white teeth, driving around and grinning, so he either didn’t break his teeth or he got them fixed very fast. 

Beyond the evidence of a history of false tooth injury and the full smile, we can guess based on the video that he didn’t really break his teeth on the drill. 

First, the timing is too convenient: just a few seconds into his Tik Tok video, he gets a sudden snag and broken teeth. While it’s possible it could happen that way, it doesn’t seem likely. He also doesn’t seem hurt enough. Anyone who has snapped a tooth open knows that the nerves inside the tooth are extremely sensitive. Merely breathing on them causes shooting pain. We also don’t see any evidence of blood in his mouth, especially not in his teeth. With that level of traumatic injury, we’d expect to see some blood. 

So this is probably some type of trickery, either a digital fake or he removed some veneers or dental crowns he normally wears. Certainly, there’s a moment when he’s holding his hand in front of his mouth that he could easily manipulate his restorations with his tongue and remove them.

Did You Actually Chip Your Teeth? We Can Help

While we can appreciate Derulo’s joke, in reality chipped teeth are no laughing matter. They can be painful, can lead to future injuries, and are a lasting cosmetic concern. If you’ve chipped your teeth, it’s important to get them fixed, and we can help. We have three different ways to repair the damage, depending on the extent of your injury and your treatment goals. 

Dental bonding is inexpensive and quick. Veneers provide long-lasting cosmetic results, and crowns work best if you have structural damage to your teeth. 

To learn more about chipped tooth repair in Woburn, please call (781) 396-8558 today for an appointment with a restorative dentist at Divine Smiles.