Maybe you find yourself always reaching for gum and popping a mint because you’re afraid that the whole word will know what you already do — you have bad breath. You have a bad taste in your mouth most of the time that you’re certain means that your breath is not going to be an attractant for the ladies (or the gents, for that matter). But, what can you do about it?

Our Somerville general dentist, Dr. Ryan Clancy, offers some at-home remedies for your bad breath and then discusses in-office treatments that can help as well.

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of problems, some more serious than the next. Your mouth can emit what are known as volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) which can come from infections in your mouth, sometimes arising from pockets of infection within your mouth or under your teeth. Additionally, VSC comes from your tongue. Covered in so many tiny crevices and having so much surface area, the tongue is literally a breeding ground for bacteria. So, to be free from this stinky bacteria, follow these steps:

  • Brush and floss twice per day — we know you’ve heard that before, but the regular removal of oral bacteria is critical for a healthy and good-smelling mouth. Flossing can’t be ignored as a good portion of bacteria gets trapped between your teeth on a daily basis.
  • Take care of your tongue — since your tongue has the ability to hold so much bacteria, you must clean it. Not only should you brush it, but use a tongue scraper and scrape from back to front in order to remove a lot of the bacteria.
  • Avoid dry mouth — when your mouth is dry, bacteria has more of a chance to build up in your mouth. So, keep yourself well hydrated. You can also consult with our Somerville general dentist about the use of dry mouth rinses for help with this problem.

Consult with our Dentist

In addition to these home-remedies for bad breath, always visit our Boston dentist at least twice a year. Bad breath may be an indicator of gingivitis or periodontitis, or even an abscess within your gums. All of these can be very serious conditions and we offer all of the necessary laser dentistry treatments and general dentistry treatments you need to remedy these problems. For help with your bad breath or any other dental issue, please contact our dentist at 781-396-8558.