Although we don’t need a third set of molars, most people tend to have them. While there’s no real answer as to why we have them, they can cause a significant amount of problems. Wisdom teeth generally grow in between the ages of 17 and 21 years old and can become impacted, crowded the mouth or cause other problems for you in the future. Only some fortunate people happen to have the right amount of room in their mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth and happen to have them grow in straight.

If you’re not those few unfortunate souls and feel a bit of pain in the back of your mouth, it’s important to recognize the signs you need a wisdom tooth removal. At Divine Smiles, we can extract your wisdom teeth if they pose a threat to your dental health or cause you any other problems.

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Why Your Wisdom Teeth Need Extractions

There are a few reasons why you would need to extract your wisdom teeth. To start, they might be impacted. This means there is not enough space in your mouth for the teeth to emerge through the gums. They stay under the gum line and can cause swelling, bleeding or tender gums, jaw pain, bad breath, swelling or stiff jaw, and even cause a difficulty opening the mouth. Some patients, however, might not show any symptoms of impacted teeth. It’s important to visit us regularly so we can see your wisdom teeth in x-rays.

Wisdom teeth also need extractions if they are growing incorrectly. If they grow in and there’s not enough room in your mouth, it can cause your other teeth to move and become crowded.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Growing In

If you notice any of these symptoms, please visit us for a consultation at our Boston dental office.

Pain and Irritation – If your wisdom teeth are trying to grow in, you may notice pain or discomfort in the back of your mouth.

Cyst Forming Around Tooth – If your wisdom teeth begin to grow in and you notice a cyst forming around the tooth, this needs to be treated immediately or it will cause severe damage that requires surgery.

Crooked Teeth – Without extracted wisdom teeth, you could end up with a mouth full of crooked teeth. You will need extractions and orthodontics to fix this.

Inflamed Gums – It’s possible that your gums start to become inflamed when your wisdom teeth grow in. Your gums can produce small flaps that can store bacteria and food particles which can result in gum disease.

Sinus Issues – When wisdom teeth grow in the upper jaw, it can push against your sinuses and put pressure on them. This can result in sinus pain, headaches, congestion, and pressure.

Difficulty Eating – If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, especially when eating, get them out!

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