If you’ve been suffering with chronic headaches, you may have recently visited your doctor’s office wondering what is causing your pain. However, our Boston TMJ dentist knows that you may actually be suffering from a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). While this is still a medical condition, it isn’t necessarily something your medical doctor can help with because the problem has to do with your teeth and jaw.

Your temporomandibular joint is what connects your jaw to your skull and, if it’s not properly aligned, can cause horrible pain, headaches, and discomfort. Sometimes, your jaw is misaligned because of teeth-grinding while you sleep. Other times, it can be because you have a tooth that isn’t properly connecting with the other teeth in your mouth. This may occur because of a chipped tooth, improperly-fit crown, or even because poor dental health is causing a tooth to push out of your mouth.

Whatever is causing your jaw to be out of line, out Boston dentist at Divine Smiles can help to remedy your problem by using the best available technology. First, using a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machine, we can relax your facial muscles in order to get your jaw into a relaxed, natural position. Next, we will use K7 technology to assess how your jaw moves while it is in a relaxed state. This way, we can determine how to treat your jaw problems. Following this, we may have a custom-made orthotic (mouth guard) made for you to wear at night. This device may help your jaw to relax, particularly by protecting you from grinding your teeth.

We may also prescribe exercises that can help your jaw stay in its proper position and keep relaxed. Massage may also be a part of our treatment program for you.

Our Boston TMJ dentist, Dr. Ryan Clancy, will use all of his experience and top-of-the-line technology to assess your TMJ symptoms and ensure that you find relief from your pain. To schedule a consultation about your TMJ, please contact us today by calling (781) 396-8558.