Couple sleeping with man snoring.If you snore loudly and often wake up still feeling tired, there’s a chance you may have sleep apnea. This disorder is characterized by waking up multiple times in the night because your breathing has temporarily stopped. While it is usually not fatal, it can cause significant decrease in your quality of life as well as raise your risk of developing further health problems in the future.

Dr. Clancy has helped to diagnose and treat many patients suffering from sleep apnea and snoring. He offers the MicrO2 device, which is an oral device used while sleeping that is custom-fit for maximum comfort and effectiveness. It holds your jaw and tongue in place so that your soft tissues don’t collapse and cause blockage.

Dr. Clancy has also embraced telemedicine technology in order to provide you with the most convenient experience. Through telemedicine, you don’t need to make multiple trips out to Dr. Clancy’s office throughout your diagnosis, treatment, and follow-ups. Instead, Dr. Clancy can help you from the comfort of your own home or office.

Dr. Clancy strongly believes in taking advantage of the latest technology breakthroughs in order to provide patients with the best, most effective, and most convenient solutions.