When you visit the dentist, the last thing you want to hear is that you have a cavity. That means you’ll have to get anything from a dental filling to a root canal, depending on how severe the decay is. We even dread dental fillings, though they are the most preferred, least invasive option.

However, many of our patients worry that their decay could require even bigger procedures. In the past, our dentists would recommend a crown as the next step. But, with the best technology, Divine Smiles in Woburn also offers inlays and onlays. These are types of restorative dentistry treatments that fix more decay than fillings but are less invasive than crowns or root canals.

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Inlays Vs. Onlays

So, what are inlays and onlays? More importantly, how do they differ? Inlays and onlays are a minimally-invasive way to fill cavities. When you get an inlay or onlay, your dentist will size your teeth fit the porcelain material on top. Instead of drilling extensively and then filling the cavity, these porcelain materials easily fit on top of your teeth.

Your restorative dentist will use an inlay instead of an onlay when your tooth has less decay. Inlays easily fit within the grooves of your teeth. These grooves are tiny spaces in between the cusps. If you think of your teeth like a mountain range, inlays fill the tiny, tooth-sized valleys.

On the other hand, we use onlays when your teeth have more damage or decay. As the larger piece of porcelain, these procedures cover more of the tooth’s surface. With the ability to cover up and over the tooth’s cusps (or mountains), onlays help even with difficult decay.

Fixing Tooth Decay in One Quick Visit

When you visit us at Divine Smiles, we want you to be out of pain and back to your normal life as soon as possible. That’s why we use our in-house CEREC machine to place inlays and onlays. Our dentists love using CEREC technology to place your inlays and onlays because it enables them to place beautiful pieces of porcelain in just one visit.

First, we use a camera to measure the dimensions of your cavity. Then, our CEREC machine decodes the information, creating your custom-fitted porcelain mold. After we create your inlay or onlay, our dentists will place it and ensure a good fit.

Your Dentist in Woburn

If you’re located in the great Boston area, and need a cavity filled, don’t hesitate to call us. We promise to provide the most minimally-invasive procedure to fill your cavity and decrease your pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Clancy online or by calling us at (781) 396-8558.