The holiday season is upon us and it’s usually filled with a little extra stress. If you have an upcoming dental appointment, why not use it as an opportunity to relieve your stress instead of adding more stress to your life? At Divine Smiles, not only do we do everything in our power to ensure you have a relaxing appointment, but we offer NuCalm to help you feel even more relaxed during and after your appointment. You will leave our dental office feeling like you just spent time at the spa, not the dentist. Learn how NuCalm can help you destress during the holidays.

woman sits on her couch, stressed out

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm® is a patented and clinically proven system that helps users experience immediate relaxation without drugs. The comprehensive 3-part system is all-natural. It only takes a few seconds to administer and provides relaxing effects in just a matter of minutes. After use, the benefits last for hours.

How Does NuCalm Work?

So how does this advanced technology help you feel relaxed? First, you will take an all-natural dietary supplement. It’s a unique blend of amino acids that helps you reach an internal calm. 

Next, you will put special noise-canceling headphones on. We will then use the app and neuroacoustic software to deliver specific frequencies through the headphones. The frequencies will slow your brain wave functions to the same levels required for optimal recovery and relaxation. Lastly, you will put on an eye mask to block out light, close your eyes, and sit back and relax.

While you’re busy relaxing, we’ll be working on your needed dental procedures.

Who Can Benefit From NuCalm?

Nearly every patient can benefit from NuCalm during their appointment. First and foremost, we recommend NuCalm for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. If you experience anxiety so bad that it makes you avoid visiting the dentist or keeps you awake all night, NuCalm can help make your appointment completely stress-free. After one use, you will actually look forward to your appointments since they help you feel so relaxed.

NuCalm is also beneficial to patients who are feeling stressed out. We wouldn’t want a trip to the dentist to add to any more stress in your life. We only want our patients to have positive dental experiences. Whether you struggle to sit still for long periods, you need multiple dental procedures, or you just want to have a better experience at the dentist during the hectic holiday season, NuCalm can help.

How NuCalm Benefits Your Life After Use

You already know how NuCalm will keep you calm and relaxed during your dental visit, but did you know it will benefit you after your appointment too?

NuCalm Improve Sleep – After using NuCalm during your appointment, you will feel incredibly relaxed. This is the same level of relaxation your body needs to fall asleep fast and stay asleep throughout the night. You can look forward to a really good night of sleep after your dental appointment.

NuCalm Improves Recovery – NuCalm can help your muscles recover after exercising or playing sports. It can also help build up your immune system and provide you with pain relief. All of these benefits are great for recovering from dental procedures. They’re also great for anything else in your life you might need to recover from.

NuCalm Relieves Stress – Even if visiting the dentist doesn’t stress you out, something else in your life might be stressing you out, like the holidays! NuCalm is proven to help refresh your brain so you feel less stressed and less anxious. Wouldn’t you love to leave our office feeling like you just left a relaxing massage?

Try NuCalm at Your Next Appointment

If you have an upcoming appointment at Divine Smiles and you’re feeling stressed about the holidays or stressed about your procedure, consider asking to use NuCalm during your appointment. This simple request can benefit your entire day. It can also help you get some much-needed relaxation during this crazy time of the year. After you use it once, we’re sure you will keep asking for it at future appointments because its benefits are so enjoyable.

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