A patient prepares for a Soft Tissue GraftA soft tissue graft is performed in order to replace and repair gum tissue that has eroded, leaving behind an exposed tooth root. Root exposure can cause pain, tenderness, and sensitivity to the exposed tooth. In order to repair this problem, an oral surgeon may opt to perform a soft tissue graft.

During a soft tissue graft, your missing gum tissue will be replaced with tissue from elsewhere in your mouth. This is an oral surgery procedure – one that our team at Divine Smiles used to have to outsource, but are now able to offer in-house.

With the addition of our in-house periodontist, Divine Smiles now has oral surgery available within the confines of our office in Woburn, Massachusetts. Call (781) 396-8558 for a full oral evaluation.

Why You Need a Soft Tissue Graft

Gum recession is the major reason that you may need a soft tissue graft. Gum recession can occur over time as your gums slowly pull away from your teeth. As this happens, your root may become exposed which can cause tooth sensitivity and pain.

A soft tissue graft can be performed to replace the gum tissue that has receded around your exposed teeth. This graft will restore root protection and give you more comfort when eating, speaking, or performing basic oral care.

What Is It?

If your gums have receded and caused your root to be exposed, the pain may become unbearable. You may experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods, or even to specifics foods that are spicy or tangy.

There are several different types, but dentists primarily perform a connective tissue graft in order to take tissue from another part of your mouth and cover the receded gums with it. While there are some types of soft tissue grafts done with tissue from a donor, our oral surgeon prefers to use your own tissue instead.

During a soft tissue graft, our periodontist will perform the following:

  • Make an incision that creates a flap of skin in the top of your mouth
  • Remove tissue from under the flap
  • Stitch up the flap of skin at the top of your mouth
  • Stitch the removed tissue over the gum that have receded

By covering the receded gum tissue, Dr. Clancy can restore comfort to your ailing teeth. The procedure effectively serves as a gum replacement in areas where your gums have severely receded and creates comfort for both your teeth and your gums.

If you believe you may need a soft tissue graft in order to repair gum recession, please contact Divine Smiles. Dr. Clancy and our entire team serve patients in Woburn, Winchester, and the Greater Boston Area. Call us today at (781) 396-8558.