What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is performed in order to place new bone in the upper jaw to make room for dental implants. Our specialist will graft bone and place it between your sinuses and your upper jaw. With the addition of this new bone, there is enough room for dental implants to be placed.

A sinus lift procedure needs to be done for the following reasons:

  • If you’ve lost teeth, the jaw bone underneath may wear away so you don’t have enough bone to support dental implants
  • Bone loss due to periodontal disease
  • Your sinus is too close to your upper jaw bone for dental implants to be placed

The Sinus Graft Procedure

Prior to your sinus lift procedure, our team will take X-rays to determine the shape and size of your sinuses and jaw bone. The procedure involves adding bone tissue in order to use it for your sinus lift.

After numbing the area and giving you the necessary anesthesia, our dental surgeon will perform the following:

  • Cut an incision in your gums where the bone needs to be added
  • Lift your sinus membrane up and away from your jaw
  • Add bone to the area where your sinus used to be
  • Close up the incision

Our in-house specialist has the expertise you can trust for your sinus lift procedure. If you are interested in dental implants and want to know if you need a sinus lift procedure, please contact Divine Smiles by calling (781) 396-8558.