While you may believe that performing your upward and downward dogs or perfecting your tree pose have nothing to do with your oral health, but you’ll be surprised to find that yoga can positively affect more than your ability to touch your toes. During September, the Yoga Health Foundation celebrations National Yoga Month, promoting the immense benefits of yoga for your body’s overall health.

Part of this celebration can include the dental health benefits offered by doing yoga. One of yoga’s greatest benefits is that it helps to reduce stress. A stressful person is more likely to not only take worse care of their teeth than a non-stressed person, but stress can also cause tooth-grinding, a horrible way to wear down your teeth. Fortunately, yoga, reduces stress and can keep you from committing these dental sins.

Yoga also improves your posture by properly stretching and extending your spine and other portions of the musculoskeletal system of your body. Bad posture has been known to cause the lower jaw to move forward, which can eventually lead to your jaw being out of alignment. This is also known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) and can cause a whole host of problems.

Finally, yoga is proven to help your body to reduce inflammation in most bodily systems. Inflammation can cause bacteria to build up in your mouth which can cause gum disease.

So, if you’ve been regularly practicing your happy baby and all of your warrior poses, good for you! You have been, possibly unknowingly, improving and maintaining your dental health all this time.

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